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DocsCorp Case Studies

pdfDocs Transformed the Process of Creating Electronic Binders for this Swedish Law Firm, Substantially Reducing Costs and Saving Time

To save time and money, Delphi needed to simplify and speed up the process of creating a single electronic binder. Delphi’s Head of IT, Henrik Jarnberg, spoke with other legal IT Managers in Sweden who recommended pdfDocs from DocsCorp to minimize the effort of creating electronic binders.


DDR Corp. Implements contentCrawler Software from DocsCorp

DDR Corp. is an owner and manager of value-oriented shopping centers concentrated in high barrier-to-entry markets with stable population and high growth potential. DDR is a self-administered and self-managed REIT operating as a fully integrated real estate company, and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DDR. 

Accounting Firm, Byfields, Deploys pdfDocs to Enable the Move to Digital Workflows

Byfields is one of the largest accounting and financial advisers in Western Australia. They wanted to introduce a number of digital workflows across their offices to increase productivity and strengthen internal controls. Read how pdfDocs from DocsCorp delivered on costs, digital workflows and integration with their MYOB Document Manager system.

Trend Micro goes with DocsCorp to minimize errors and leaks when comparing and sharing HR contracts

Trend Micro, a global leader in IT security solutions, needed a modern, efficient approach to a very old problem—comparing documents. The DocsCorp demonstration became a light bulb moment— a revelation, even—for the HR team when they realized they could apply more rigorous processes to their document review and distribution workflows to protect clients. 

Peter Smithson, Support Team Leader, switched to cleanDocs and compareDocs for stability & reliability

Failure to resolve product and support issues for Workshare Professional forced a London-based law firm to seek more stable and reliable solutions for document comparison and metadata cleaning.  Learn how cleanDocs and compareDocs brought not only product stability and reliability, but ended user frustration. 

Trend Micro uses pdfDocs as PDF alternative to deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains

Trend Micro, a global leader in IT security solutions, needed a PDF alternative that would deliver on functionality and pricing to support its HR operations in 23 different countries. Discover how pdfDocs enabled them to transform many of their document workflows and approval processes with more efficient digital ones.

cleanDocs for metadata management enables law firms of all sizes to protect client data and to meet industry standards

When John Kang set up his solo law practice, he wanted access to the same specialist applications the larger firms used so he could provide his clients with the same level of security and service. Discover how cleanDocs enabled him to protect their private data from accidental information leaks. 

contentCrawler delivers big ROI on Paperless Project at Iberian law firm Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira

The ambitious Paperless Project at the law office of Spanish and Portuguese heavyweights Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira was made possible by contentCrawler, which provided an automated backend solution that delivered huge benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and searchability as the firm went “less paper.” 

contentCrawler helps find critical documents and drawings, ending engineers’ frustration with DMS

PTTEP Australasia (PTTEP AA) found itself facing increasing delays and frustration accessing and retrieving critical documents and drawings relating to its Montara Ventura FPSO vessel in the Timor Sea. Learn how contentCrawler from DocsCorp not only resolved the problem, but helped restore faith in the Document Management System. 

contentCrawler empowers Electricity Authority to find “invisible” documents in their DMS

Failure to find image-based documents in their HP WorkSite document management system was impacting staff productivity and confidence at the Electricity Authority, New Zealand’s electricity market regulator. Discover how contentCrawler was able to shine some light on the “invisible” document problem.

contentCrawler automated OCR workflows to increase organizational productivity and reduce costs

Image-based documents pose two productivity problems for businesses; if misfiled, they can be time-consuming to find; equally, so is manually processing them using OCR software. Learn how Brisbane-based accounting firm, Bentleys, solved both problems with a single solution using DocsCorp’s contentCrawler. 

New England law firm Pierce Atwood tackles complex document comparison workflows with compareDocs

New England powerhouse, Pierce Atwood, found themselves looking for new document comparison software when their current solution was earmarked for End of Life. They found compareDocs—an application that delivered on speed, accuracy and ease of use. The intuitively simple interface reduced previously complex workflows and processes in many cases to a single click. 

Marshall Dennehey on the cutting edge of document search with contentCrawler

The Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin law firm suspected it had non-searchable content in its Autonomy iManage document management system. Running DocsCorp’s complimentary audit tool on a portion of the content repository provided the firm with the information it needed to tackle and solve the problem. 

Top 100 UK law firm, Hugh James, deploys contentCrawler to enable “electronic matters” project

Top 100 law firm Hugh James embarked on a very ambitious project in 2012 to provide matter management to its lawyers, this required all documents to be 100% electronic and searchable. Read how the firm automated the process with contentCrawler to find, OCR and profile all the image-based documents in its HP WorkSite DMS as text-searchable PDFs.

Garlington turns to DocsCorp to reduce risk and increase productivity managing non-searchable content

Montana-based law firm Garlington, Lohn & Robinson recalls how contentCrawler enabled it to free up legal assistants from OCR’ing duties to focus more on billable tasks. 

AJ Park goes with contentCrawler to minimize the risks of non-searchable content in Autonomy iManage

AJ Park, a New Zealand intellectual property law firm, discovered that 30% of its content was invisible to search technology. Read how the firm turned this around to ensure content was 100% searchable with contentCrawler.

Kaufman & Canoles ends document comparison frustrations by going with compareDocs from DocsCorp

Read why Virginia-based law firm Kaufman & Canoles abandoned not only its
document comparison but also its PDF management solution in favor of DocsCorp to better manage and streamline business-critical workflows. 

Top UK law firm, Lewis Silkin, turns to DocsCorp for DMS integration Workshare couldn’t provide

Lewis Silkin is a law firm that believes in standing out from the crowd. The firm  has a well-earned reputation as an early adopter and technology leader. Read how it abandoned Workshare for DocsCorp after two years of failing to deliver on SharePoint DMS integration.

One of Asia's largest law firms deploys pdfDocs 

Minter Ellison selects pdfDocs Desktop to automate the capture and conversion of scanned images to PDF.

McGlinchey Stafford's PDF solution 

DocsCorp puts the power of PDF creation and management on more desktops at the New Orleans law firm for a lot less. 

Financial services firm William Buck and its PDF solution 

pdfDocs provides accounting and financial services firm William Buck with an integrated PDF workflow solution. 

pdfDocs delivers significant cost savings as well as productivity gains 

Based in the Carolinas, McAngus Goudelock & Courie wanted a cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat without compromising on legal workflow, capability or security. They found a replacement for Acrobat and more with pdfDocs.