pdfDocs Automates the Capture and Conversion of Scanned Images to PDF

Minter Ellison is one of the largest full-service law firms in the Asia Pacific region. With more than 270 partners and 900 legal staff located in Australia, Hong Kong, The People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Minter Ellison supports leading industry and government clients.

The business challenge

Minter Ellison needed a PDF solution that would integrate with its scanners and its Interwoven WorkSite document management system. In addition to creating, managing and sharing documents in the universal PDF format, Minter Ellison was looking for a solution that would automate the capture of all scanned images as PDF documents and route them to staff desktops or directly into WorkSite.

Our solution 

pdfDocs Desktop was deployed throughout the firm giving 1900 staff the ability to combine documents from different applications including scanned images into a single PDF document; annotate documents with notes and comments; and redact confidential information from PDF documents before sending them on to third parties.

The fact that Desktop completely integrated with WorkSite made the creation of PDF documents an easy process. Staff had only to right-click on a document to create a PDF document that could be emailed, saved within WorkSite or loaded into the Organizer workspace, where it could be collated with other documents. Documents assembled in the Organizer workspace could be easily saved back into WorkSite against the source profile or against another profile.

“As much as the product impressed us, it was the commitment and responsiveness of DocsCorp that made the decision to deploy the software company wide an easy one. Software is only as good as the company that supports it and in DocsCorp we are confident that our investment will deliver long term value.” Garry Meikle, National Applications Manager, Minter Ellison.

Key benefits

  • Combine electronic documents, scanned images, email messages and attachments into a single, secure file;
  • Collaborate with colleagues allowing them to review documents and add their own notes and comments;
  • Protect the firm and the client by redacting private and confidential information;
  • Secure documents by removing document metadata and preventing document tampering; and
  • Profile the document directly into Interwoven WorkSite 8 as a new document, a new version or an attachment to an existing document.