pdfDocs integration with OpenText eDOCS DM for McGlinchey Stafford

McGlinchey Stafford Replaces Adobe Acrobat with pdfDocs: Integration with OpenText eDOCS DM Key

McGlinchey Stafford was founded in New Orleans in 1974 and has grown into one of the largest law firms in the southeastern region of the United States. They currently have eight offices in five states – Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio and New York.

Attorneys in these offices work together to maintain a full-service commercial and defense practice in various areas of the law and to provide competent, cost-effective service to their clients.

The business challenge

McGlinchey Stafford had enlisted the help of its integration partner EIM International to assist with a document management system upgrade from DOCS to OpenText eDOCS DM. The firm was also busy building and deploying a new standard desktop image to standardize the use of software.

Staff at McGlinchey Stafford were using Adobe Acrobat to create and manage PDF documents but there was no standardization or consistency with individuals using different versions and different flavours of the same software.

Our solution 

pdfDocs was added to the new standard desktop image, giving almost 500 users the ability to combine documents from different applications including scanned images into a single PDF document; annotate documents with notes and comments; and redact confidential information from PDF documents before sending them on to third parties.Another factor that led to the adoption of pdfDocs was that it integrated completely with scanners and OpenText eDOCS DM out of the box.

Staff who needed to create a PDF document had only to right-click on it to create a PDF document that could be emailed, saved within DM or loaded into the Organizer workspace, where it could be collated with other documents. Documents assembled in the Organizer workspace could be easily profiled back into eDOCS DM through the Document Profile window.

pdfDocs was a cost-effective solution that enabled McGlinchey Stafford to put the power of PDF creation and management on more desktops than previously.

Key benefits

  • Reduce costs while giving each desktop user greater functionality;
  • Combine electronic documents, scanned images, email messages and attachments into a single, secure file;
  • Collaborate with colleagues allowing them to review documents and to add their own notes and comments;
  • Protect the firm and the client by redacting private and confidential information;
  • Secure documents by removing document metadata and preventing document tampering;
  • Create PDF documents within the OpenText eDOCS DM space; and Profile a document directly into eDOCS DM as a new document, a new version or an attachment to an existing document.