How to compare Word documents with compareDocs

How to Compare Word Documents

Comparing Word documents using compareDocs is as simple as dragging and dropping the Word documents onto the compareDocs interface and clicking the Compare button. The comparison report highlights the differences between the two Word documents. This can be a traditional redline, or a Track Changes document.

compareDocs provides you will a number of single-click document comparison workflows: compare and email the comparison report, compare and save the comparison report to a local or network drive or to a document management system.

Compare two Word documents

1. Click on the Original [Open] button.
The Open dialog box displays.

2. Navigate to the Original Word document location, select it and click the [Open] button.
The Original document is loaded into the compareDocs interface.

3. Click on the Modified [Open] button.

4. Navigate to the Modified Word document location and click the [Open] button.
Both documents are now loaded into compareDocs. As you are comparing two Word documents, the Document Output option is set automatically to Word.  You could change this to PDF.

5. Select Consolidated report marked up with Track Changes as the Report Type.

6. Leave the default Rendering Set selected.

7. Click the [Compare] button and select the View As New Document option.

The Comparison Report displays in MS Word with track changes enabled. You can now continue to work on the document by accepting or rejecting the changes in the new document. If you had the Detailed Summary Report selected, it will also display at the same time.

8. Close the Comparison Report and return to the compareDocs application.

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