How to migrate pdfDocs 3 Projects

You will not be able to open an Organizer Project directly in pdfDocs 4 if it was created in pdfDocs 3. Instead, you will have to copy the contents from the older Organizer Project into a pdfDocs 4 Organizer Project.

Migrate Organizer Projects from pdfDocs 3
1. Select File > Open.
2. Click the pdfDocs 3 Organizer option.
This launches an older version of pdfDocs.
3. Open a pdfDocs Organizer Project.
4. Select the documents in the Organizer Project, right-click and select the copy option.
5. Display the pdfDocs 4 Organizer Project.
6. Right-click in the Document pane and select either the Paste Before or Paste After option.
The documents are copied into the new Organizer Project.
7. Select File > Save to save the new Organizer Project.

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