How to work with Organizer Projects

An Organizer Project is essentially a staging area for your documents. Within the Organizer Project you can collate, secure, mark-up and edit PDF content prior to publishing, archiving or distributing to others. The Organizer Project provides you with an efficient method of working with content, pages and documents.

The final document can be emailed, printed, saved to a network drive or profiled into a DMS such as HP WorkSite, NetDocuments, Open Text eDOCS, TRIM, and Worldox without requiring special connectors or plug ins.

Create a new Organizer Project
1. Click on the pdfDocs icon.
The application loads and displays the pdfDocs Backstage view.
2. Click the New option.
Make sure the Organizer Project option is selected.
3. Type the name for the project in the Name field.
4. Browse to the save to location for the Organizer Project, or click the [Create Project] button to save to the default location.
5. Click the [Create Project] button.
A new Organizer Project opens. You can now add content to the Organizer.
6. Select File > Save to save the Organizer Project.

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