pdfDocs Tutorials

We have put together a number of short videos by topic to help you get started with your pdfDocs software. If you experience any difficulties viewing these videos, or want to see other videos on other topics please contact DocsCorp.

Alternatively, you can also view these videos on our pdfDocs YouTube channel.

Getting Started with pdfDoc

Intro to the workspace (4:23)
Intro to Organizer Projects (4:10)
Organizer options (2:32)


Creating PDFs

Creating PDFs from MS Office (4:16)
Create PDFs within the Organizer (2:59)
Converting Outlook attachments to PDF (8:18)


Managing Content

Managing content within the Organizer (5:49)
Magnification and navigation (3:49)
Checking/Unchecking documents (1:13)


Processing Content

Processing documents from the Organizer (6:51)
Splitting documents (1:52)
Processing options (3:52)


Applying Document Settings

Numbering Sets including Bates Numbering (11:46)
Stationery (5:32)
Watermarks (3:07)  


Marking up Documents for Review

Annotations (6:40)
Comments (4:23)
Typewriter tool (4:36)


Adding Bookmarks and Links

Bookmarks (7:27)
Adding links (4:59)
Working with Named Destinations (3:34)


Working with Multiple Projects (1)

Intro to Projects (4:58)
Create a Project Template (10:34)
Create a Project from a Project Template (1:44)


Working with Multiple Projects (2)

Sharing content between projects (6:41)
Print to specific projects (4:39)
Delete a project (1:42)


Redacting Documents

Redacting and Redaction tags (7:36)
Redacting an area of document (2:46)


Introduction to Binders

Overview of the Binder functionality in pdfDocs (10.33)