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DocsCorp Solutions for Business

DocsCorp products empower corporations, financial institutions, governments and legal firms worldwide solve everyday problems associated with managing and securing electronic documents and forms for archiving and distribution beyond the company firewall.

Bulk Image Processing

Failure to produce documents on demand impacts the bottom line, workplace efficiency, regulatory compliance, productivity and exposes an organization to unnecessary risks. contentCrawler intelligently assesses image-based documents in content repositories for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs, making every document searchable and retrievable. Learn more

Document Comparison

As collaboration between teams increases, the need for a robust document comparison solution becomes even more critical. Manually comparing documents is a time-consuming process -- prone to error and risk. compareDocs delivers unparalleled levels of efficiency and accuracy in the document comparison process. Learn more

Metadata Management

75% of us have no idea what metadata is or the harm it can do! Metadata has the potential to embarrass or negatively impact a company’s financial well-being. cleanDocs provides a high level of confidence that metadata is cleansed from confidential or sensitive documents before being sent to external parties. Learn more


Access to information can be a huge challenge for many businesses, especially if that information is locked away in paper documents or image files created from a scanner or a fax machine. DocsCorp provides organizations with an OCR desktop and server solution to ensure business-critical information is available to everyone. Learn more

PDF Editing

Working with or editing PDF documents after they have been created can be problematic and time-consuming. pdfDocs lets you work more efficiently with PDF documents providing you will editing, collation, splitting and merging capability. Learn more


Archiving documents in the digital age has presented organizations with a number of challenges, not least of which is the constant development and deployment of new software, which can prevent opening documents created in older versions of the software. pdfDocs lets you create and validate PDF/A documents for compliance. Learn more

PDF Binders

Assembling large volumes of documents relating to a project, case or matter from different locations, different files types and formats, converting and distributing them as a single or multi-PDF document is a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Not for pdfDocs. Its Binder capability automates the process. Learn more