convert image files to PDF in document management systems

Convert image files to PDF for document management

More than 20% of documents in a document management system are "invisible" to search technology. These documents are image-based documents such as JPGs, TIFs, PNGs and image PDFs.

Image-based documents get profiled in a variety ways into your document management system. While many of these documents get OCR’ed, many do not, and since they are image files with no text, they do not get indexed. Instead they become invisible to your search technology. This has enormous implications for your business.

Risks of not OCR'ing image files

Failure to find or produce documents on demand impacts the bottom line, workplace efficiency, regulatory compliance, productivity and exposes an organization to unnecessary risks such as sanctions as well as undermining an organization's reputation.

Batch convert image files to PDF

contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses image-based documents in document management systems for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs.

Key Benefits

  • Increase organizational productivity
  • Simplify management of image-based documents
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
  • Increase efficiency through automation
  • Leverage investment in document management system and search technology
  • Reduce costs managing OCR technology