Compare Word documents

Comparing Documents for Changes

Document comparison is a must have technology in the legal and financial industries. As collaboration between teams increases, the need for a robust document comparison solution becomes even more critical.

compareDocs is the world's leading document comparison tool. Its easy to use interface lets you compare anything to anything, working seamlessly with the applications you use every day.

Comparing Word documents

When comparing Word documents, compareDocs can mark up the changes as either a traditional redline or as a track changes version, allowing you to accept or reject the changes. This approach results in a more efficient document review process.

Comparing PDF documents

compareDocs is the only product to compare PDF documents natively, that is it doesn’t convert the document to another format as part of the comparison process. This produces a faster and more accurate comparison result.

Comparing any document

compareDocs goes beyond Word-to-Word and PDF-to-PDF comparisons. It lets you compare anything to anything (Word to Word, Excel to Excel, PDF to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to any text-based document format as well as comparing image files).

Comparing image documents

With DocsCorp’s OCR capabilities, compareDocs provides users with a number of useful workflows:

  • Compare paper documents
  • Compare image files
  • Compare PDFs and output the comparison as a MS Word document
  • Compare any two supported document types and output the comparison to a MS Word document