OCR - Optical Character Recognition

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

Access to information can be a huge challenge for many businesses, especially if that information is locked away in paper documents or image files created from a scanner or a fax machine.

Documents can be misplaced, lost or stored offsite; image files cannot be searched; there are costs associated with storage, lost productivity searching for or retyping documents; customer service can suffer as a result of not being able to locate or having to request a document from storage.

OCR Desktop

DocsCorp provides organizations with a range of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software solutions to manage image-based documents. These include OCR Desktop and contentCrawler (see the Related Products tab).

OCR Desktop is for individuals who are mobile and don’t have access to a network, or who work at a branch office where they have to endure lengthy processing times due to queued jobs on the server. OCR Desktop allows you to OCR documents quickly and easily from your laptop.