PDF/A - the standard for the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic documents

Create and Validate PDF/A Documents

The pdfDocs application from DocsCorp creates PDF/A documents that comply with the standard. You can also use it to validate PDF/A documents you receive from others.

Create PDF/A Documents

Create PDF/A documents that comply with the standard.

Create PDF/A from Paper

Create PDF/A compliant documents from paper or image-based documents.

Create PDF/A from a DMS

Create PDF/A compliant documents directly from your Document Management System.

Validate PDF/A Compliance

Validate a document or a folder of documents to ensure they comply with the standard.

Right-click Validation

Right-click on a document or documents to verify compliance with the standard.

Non-compliance Error Reporting

Produce a summary report indicating compliance errors so that users can correct or regenerate the document.