PDF/A - the standard for the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic documents

PDF/A for Archiving Electronic Documents

The PDF for Archiving (PDF/A) standard is not new. It has been under development since 2005 to meet the concerns of individuals and organizations about the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic documents.

Archiving documents in the digital age has a number of challenges, not least of which is the constant development and deployment of new software, which can prevent opening documents created in older versions of the software. Therefore, archiving documents in their native format is problematic.

PDF/A compliance and validation

With new regulations and requirements, organizations cannot simply trust that a document is PDF/A compliant simply because it displays as a PDF/A document in a PDF reader application, or that the validation tool they bought years ago is still producing correct or accurate results.

PDF Association

DocsCorp is a member of the PDF Association, formerly the PDF/A Competence Center, which was established after the publication of the ISO 19005 (PDF/A) standard in 2005.

It is a non-profit association of more than 110 organizations and individual experts from 20 different countries dedicated to promoting the exchange of information and experience in the area of long-term archiving of documents.