PDF/A - the standard for the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic documents

Validating PDF/A Documents for Compliance

Documents received from external sources need to be checked since not all PDF creation tools produce documents that comply 100% with the PDF/A standard.

Second, documents need to be tested as the final step in the production and electronic filing process. A valid PDF/A document can be invalidated as a result of editing or inserting transparent images, for example, into the document.

In both cases, these invalid PDF/A documents may still display as valid PDF/A documents.

pdfDocs PDF/A validator

With pdfDocs you can create PDF/A documents that comply with the standard. You can also use the PDF/A validator tool to ensure documents you receive from external sources also comply with the standard.

In addition to validating a single document, you can select a number of documents in a folder to check for compliance.