PDF Binders

Document bundling features in pdfDocs Binder

Adding content

Add documents and folders, even folders with sub-folders from your local drive, network or Document Management System to the Binder interface to create electronic document bundles, closing binders or deal books.


Create templates from scratch or save an existing electronic binder or document bundle as a template. Templates can include any security, numbering and watermark settings that are part of the electronic PDF binder.

Generate Table of Contents

The electronic binder or court bundle will automatically generate a table of contents, hyperlinks and bookmarks to help readers navigate through the collection of documents—the information they need is just a click away!

Making Content Secure

Security settings that come standard are encryption to prevent users from changing or modifying the content of the documents within the collection; redaction capability to permanently remove confidential or sensitive information from any of the documents.

Output Options

Save the electronic document bundle to your system or network, or as a single PDF document (only) to a Document Management System. You can also generate Autorun.inf when burning to DVD/CD.