Capensys E-Learning systems

Online learning specialists, Capensys, have developed a series of low- cost E-Learning modules and resources for DocsCorp clients.

pdfDocs 4 and compareDocs 4 are available for purchase. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing. To see sample modules for pdfDocs, click here and for compareDocs, click here.

E-Learning system

The E-Learning modules can be accessed or stored in a number of different ways:

  • The Capensys modules are integrated into pdfDocs and compareDocs. You do not need an internet connection to view them
  • You can store the modules on your intranet
  • The modules are SCORM-compliant and can be added to your Learning Management System (LMS)

Resource Gateway

The Resource Gateway provides just-in-time self-coaching. A user can search for the help they need and will be presented with a printable Quick Reference Guide.

By clicking on “See this Tip in action”, a user can see a demo of how to perform the task. Trainers and Help Desk staff can also e-mail the page with the demo and the QRG to assist users.

Resource Gateway

More information

If you would like more information on the Capensys E-Learning system as well as pricing, please contact your Account Manager.

About Capensys

The Capensys team has been training with blended learning since 1980, and working in law firms on both sides of the Atlantic since 2000. The team has assisted with rollout training of MS Office, document management systems and associated legal applications in several dozen law firms. We are unique in that we operate both in the US and in Europe with valuable experience in international rollouts.