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DocsCorp Service Level Agreement and Response Times

In order to attain the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, DocsCorp Support uses a global support strategy, the latest technology solutions, efficient processes and the industry's top Support/IT professionals.

Our support professionals are knowledgeable in business software environments, sensitive to overall business requirements and able to quickly adapt to customers' changing needs. By maintaining a positive and goal orientated working environment for our employees, DocsCorp can best provide a quality-driven support experience that emphasizes our commitment to resolving customer challenges as efficiently as possible.

Response Times

The Response Time for a Service Request (SR) is determined by its classification. Response Times are measured from the time the SR is received by DocsCorp until the time when a response is provided by DocsCorp with a Ticket/Case number. At this point a technically qualified member of DocsCorp Support will be assigned to your ticket for the purpose of commencing the work necessary to attempt to achieve a resolution of the SR within the Hours of Operation of the local DocsCorp Support Office.

Response Times are targets and cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances by DocsCorp.

For more information on DocsCorp Support, please request the Statement of Support Services document, which outlines are Service Level Agreement.