Courseware for DocsCorp Products

DocsCorp courseware consists of comprehensive, easy to use learning guides that cater to all learning styles. They can be used for face-to-face training, self-paced learning or as a reference guide. There are manuals for pdfDocs and compareDocs.

The Getting Started courseware provides countless tips and techniques to help you become a pdfDocs and compareDocs expert.

Follow the guide from start to finish, or concentrate on the modules that interest you most. Each module consists of the following:

  • Specific learning outcomes
  • How to exercises: step by step instructions on how to perform a specific task. Steps are written in clear and concise English as well as illustrated visually through a series of screen shots
  • A series of Skillbuilder exercises in each module reinforce skills acquired throughout the lesson
  • A series of Review Questions and Answers

You can download these complimentary resources by logging into the DocsCorp Resource Portal.