All the functionality you need

pdfDocs accommodates how document management professionals interact and work with PDF documents, whether it's working with a single document or thousands of documents.

3 applications in 1

Single Document mode - allows users to open and work with a single instance of a PDF document, independent of Organizer and Binder Project modes, and does not require Adobe Reader. Users can open a PDF document, edit, annotate and mark up the document. Users can also open multiple instances of a PDF document. This is a faster, simpler way of interacting with documents.

Organizer Project mode - users can add multiple documents from multiple sources to an Organizer Project workspace.

The content within the Organizer Project can be re-arranged and edited using a variety of editing and mark-up tools; pages and documents can be checked/unchecked for inclusion in the collated set; users can apply watermarks, bates numbering, headers/footers and stationery to the document. The final step in the process is the publication of a single document, which might be emailed or saved into a Document Management System or to disk as a PDF, PDF/A, JPEG or TIFF document.

Binder Project mode - automates the process of converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into a single or multi PDF document, which can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely. Documents and folders, even folders with sub-folders from a MS Window file or Document Management System can be easily added to the Binder.

The documents and folders can be re-arranged within the Binder with drag and drop ease, adding headers/footers, a cover page, links, bookmarks, page numbering and security settings. The Binder can be output to CD, complete with a printable and interactive Table of Contents to help readers navigate.