No more complex interfaces

Familar - the pdfDocs user interface is immediately familar even if it is your first time using the application. It is based on the MS Office 2010-13 design - a design that we have all been comfortable with for many years.

The new pdfDocs Backstage view, for example, enables user to manage files better, while the Ribbons provide a set of commands for working in the document.

Modern - the interface is modern and clean, reducing complexity and clutter. This enables you to focus on the task at hand rather than grappling with a new and difficult interface.

Responsive - pdfDocs is responsive, converting and loading documents quickly into the interface.

Consistent - there is consistency across all the companion products in the DocsCorp document productivity suite (cleanDocs and compareDocs).

They have a similar modern look and feel. Many of the elements and the buttons look alike, which you recognize and understand. This allows you to move from one application to another seamlessly and without interruption.